IoT SIM Global

IoT SIM Global

IoT SIM Global
Upgrade your IoT applications with our advanced global IoT SIM. Get reliable, secure network access with flexible pricing. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and real-time data insights for optimized operations. Elevate your IoT to the next level with our SGP.02-compatible SIMs.
Form Factor
Data package
€12.99 (excl. VAT)

plus delivery costs

4 - 8 days delivery time

Product Description

Global IoT Connectivity: Unleash the Power of Your Applications with Our Advanced IoT SIM Card

Introducing our advanced IoT connectivity package with seamless global coverage. Our connectivity packages provide secure network access with flexible and affordable pricing options, enabling you to choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

  • Wide Coverage
  • SGP.02 Compatible
  • Available in standard SIM or eUICC form factor
  • High Security
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Centralized Platform
  • Reliable Network Connectivity
IoT Device Monitoring
Monitor your IoT devices, machines, and equipment from anywhere, at any time with our advanced IoT SIMs
Agile Decision Making
Real-time data collection and analysis with our IoT SIMs, enabling you to make informed decisions and take immediate action
Inventory Management
With our IoT SIM cards, businesses can easily monitor and track their assets and inventory in real-time, streamlining inventory management processes and enhancing efficiency.
Revolutionize Operations
Optimize operations, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive advantage with our IoT SIMs, which provide seamless connectivity, real-time data, and analytics.

Gain full utilization of our cutting-edge IoT Suite upon acquiring any of our SIMs. With its intuitive interface and extensive range of features, IoT Suite grants you seamless device monitoring, impactful data visualization, and the ability to make informed business choices that drive expansion.

Technical Information

Technical Specification
Global (Detailed list of countries in the "Documents" section)
Coverage Type
IoT Suite Platform
Included with bundle
Temperature Range
-40 to 105 °C / -40 to 221 °F
Warranty period
6 months
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